Glittery Fall Colors Glass Ball Ornaments

Home Decor

OK, here’s the thing.


A lot. So, why not glitter up some ornaments?! I wanted to make something that would make a fun Thanksgiving tree/arrangement and came up with these colors. These sparkle like CRAZY! I used the floor polish + glitter instructions you can find anywhere online. I definitely prefer a finer glitter – you get a lot more shine out of a finer glitter as opposed to a chunkier type.

I also made the “tree” shown in the photos. I searched and searched for a cheap, generic tree that could be decorated for any season, not just Christmas. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make my own! I purchased some sticks from a craft store, but you could definitely just pick up some sticks from your backyard (not an option in the urban areas I’ve lived in!). I used floral foam secured to the bottom of a galvanized bucket, then filled the bucket with some awesome glittery/sequined fall floral filler. I really love the way the tree/bush turned out, and it’s surprisingly sturdy!

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