With Sympathy Masculine Colors Card


Sending a sympathy card is usually done under pretty crummy circumstances, but acknowledging someone’s loss can be very meaningful. I designed this sympathy card in neutral, and what I would consider masculine, colors to really be a card you could send to anyone.

I started by picking out a few brownish-gray papers to layer and cut these down to size. Then I picked a stamp with the “With Sympathy” sentiment. I like the contrast of the swirly design and simple background together.

I decided to stamp in VersaMark and emboss with clear embossing powder. I love the way the embossing turned out. Adding the heat turned the clear powder a lovely darker shade of the tan paper, making it stand out, yet being understated at the same time.

If you need a sympathy card, you can pick up one of these in my Etsy shop, Sarcastic Squirrel.


Chunky Rose Gold Glass Bead Memory Wire Bracelet


Rose gold has been popular for a while now, but I think this is only the second rose gold piece I’ve made!

These glass beads have a pretty, shiny, metallic rose gold finish. They’re a little bigger and heavier, making this almost like a cuff bracelet, but with the security of a memory wire bracelet. You won’t have to worry about this one falling off! This bracelet can definitely be worn for casual or formal situations, and while it is bigger and chunkier, it is simple and plain enough to be worn with other stacking bracelets.

Because this bracelet is memory wire and doesn’t have a size, it makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves easy, versatile jewelry. You can find more information about this bracelet in my Etsy shop!

Card for Wisdom Teeth Removal


A few days ago, my husband had his wisdom teeth removed. I think dental work is pretty anxiety-filled for most people, so I wanted to make something for him that would make him smile. Usually when I sit down to make a card I have an occasion or sentiment in mind, but 9 times out of 10 I have absolutely no idea what exactly I’m going to make. This time was no exception. And here’s the outcome!

I started out by creating a print and cut file in Silhouette Studio. I found the tooth vector on my favorite site for free graphics – pixabay. I added the little smiley faces because…these were happy teeth. I picked out a font for the “Farewell!” sentiment and sent all of these items to print and cut. Once I had all the pieces cut, I decided the teeth needed a little something. I drew the tiny halos in glue on some scrap paper and covered with gold glitter. When the glue had dried, I cut around the halos and arranged the card with all the pieces I had cut.

I needed an envelope and thought I would put a little decoration on it. I used the same tooth design and added the “RIP” text. I decided to use my Silhouette sketch pens to draw this design on the envelope.

Finally, and I don’t have a great picture of this, I used print and cut again on some sticker paper to create a sticker to hold the envelope closed. I used the tooth shape one more time, and this time added some angel wings to the tooth in Gimp.

I LOVE how this card turned out – it just cracks me up, and is the weirdest card I think I’ve ever made.

If you know someone having their wisdom teeth removed and want to send them a smile, you can find this card in my paper shop, Sarcastic Squirrel.

Have you ever made a card…for TEETH?! 😀

Black Star Charm Bracelet


I really love these charm chain bracelets, and this one is a little different. I usually make these in silver or gold, but I tried something new with this black star bracelet.

I’m not sure it’s quite my style, but is definitely fun to wear when I want an edgier look, and is perfect to wear with a ton of other bracelets. I think this will be a nice complement to some of my Halloween jewelry.

Do you have an edgier piece you keep in your collection, just for those special looks?

Amber Colored Glass Bead Memory Wire Bracelet


This is a newer piece I have listed in my Etsy shop, and I think it is the perfect summer-to-fall piece.

Yellow, orange, brown and gold tones come together to create an overall amber color. This color arrangement reminds me of changing fall leaves. I know that’s been nearly a constant theme with me lately, but I am so ready for fall!

These beads are supported by gold plated memory wire. They are a bit chunkier than some of my other pieces, giving almost a cuff bracelet effect. The bracelet is big enough to be a statement piece, but not overwhelming. I love these glass beads because they look appropriate for both casual and more formal outfits.

If you’re interested in checking out this piece in my shop, click here!

Orange Earrings for Fall


These simple but sparkly earrings are a perfect fall accessory! While they’re an obvious choice for Halloween wear in such a vibrant orange color, I think they would look really great for Thanksgiving, too. They are also the perfect color to support my alma mater, and now that it’s college football season I’ll be wearing my pair every Saturday!

These earrings have been my best seller since revamping my Etsy shop and product line. I think it’s because they’re sort of the Goldilocks of earrings – just enough sparkle, just enough dangle, nothing too crazy or over the top.

These leverback ear wires are my favorite type, too. No more losing earrings (trust me, that’s a thing – at least for me – and these ear wires brought that to an abrupt halt).

What do you think of these fun fall earrings?

Halloween Memory Wire Bracelet


Whoooops. While getting ready for my first craft show (yay!), I missed a few days of posting, so I’ll be making up those posts over the next few days.

I am in FULL ON fall mode now. That means I’m also really into Halloween jewelry right now. I love using not just orange and black, but also lime green and purple for Halloween colors, and this bracelets uses all of those colors.

The tiny skull charm with rhinestone eyes is a cute finishing touch on this piece.

I usually lean more towards jewelry pieces that are multi-use – not very trendy or seasonal – but this bracelet screams Halloween and I can’t wait to wear it! You can order your own Halloween memory bracelet from my Etsy shop for only $9!

Glittery Fall Colors Glass Ball Ornaments

Home Decor

OK, here’s the thing.


A lot. So, why not glitter up some ornaments?! I wanted to make something that would make a fun Thanksgiving tree/arrangement and came up with these colors. These sparkle like CRAZY! I used the floor polish + glitter instructions you can find anywhere online. I definitely prefer a finer glitter – you get a lot more shine out of a finer glitter as opposed to a chunkier type.

I also made the “tree” shown in the photos. I searched and searched for a cheap, generic tree that could be decorated for any season, not just Christmas. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make my own! I purchased some sticks from a craft store, but you could definitely just pick up some sticks from your backyard (not an option in the urban areas I’ve lived in!). I used floral foam secured to the bottom of a galvanized bucket, then filled the bucket with some awesome glittery/sequined fall floral filler. I really love the way the tree/bush turned out, and it’s surprisingly sturdy!

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Happy Labor Day!


Happy Labor Day to those in the US! Labor Day is always a bittersweet holiday for me. I’m always sad to see the summer go, but with that comes excitement for fall. I absolutely love fall and winter, so I have a lot to look forward to as the seasons change.

I always associate Labor Day as a kind of patriotic day. I think that’s because growing up, I was in a ton of parades, and there were always so many flags in the parades! When I was little my dad would sometimes be in the parade and I would walk with him, and when I was older I was in the marching band. I always pause to think about my band director who would always take a moment before the parade to tell us a little bit about why we were celebrating the holiday. He was a really special teacher and mentor.

So, for my Livergood Makes of the day, I wanted to pick something kind of patriotic. This bracelet is subtly patriotic, and is also a great piece to show your team spirit for teams with red and blue colors. The red and blue dangles are glass charms on a nickel free silver bangle bracelet. I really love this style of bracelet because it’s so easy! Just latch it and go, no fighting with a clasp. I also like that this hooks “in” toward the wrist so it doesn’t get caught on clothing or other jewelry. The charms give a little sparkle, but not too much. Because it’s simple and dainty, it can be worn with anything, from the most casual to the most formal. I especially love to wear my bracelet to support my favorite baseball team! You can get more info about this bracelet here!

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Dainty Mossy Green Square Beads on Gold Chain Bracelet


With Labor Day weekend comes the end of summer and unofficial beginning of fall (but dangit, I’ll wear white if I want to!). I LOVE this bracelet for fall. The mossy green beads and gold chain create a dainty, warm look.

Simple to wear on its own, or add to other bracelets for a layered look. The green beads have a bit of a antiqued, golden sheen to them which make them a little special.

I especially like this bracelet for the beginning of fall. The colors are very warm, and remind me of the trees before the leaves begin to turn. Get more info here!