Beachy Decor Glass Ornaments

Home Decor

As summer comes to a close, I’m looking back on these ornaments I hand painted in beautiful beachy colors. I especially love the frosted, matte finish of these. That finish, to me, makes these look a little more rustic, beachy cabin, instead of in-your-face shiny ornaments.

While these would look beautiful on a Christmas tree, I actually prefer this type of look and ornament for other types of decor, like hanging from ornament stands as nursery or baby shower decor, or even ornaments on an Easter tree. Of course the sky is the limit when working with plain, solid colors like these! Find more info here!

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Tortoise Shell Colored Glass Bead Memory Wire Bracelet


As a recent transplant to the south, I CANNOT. WAIT. for fall this year. Since I’m not sure I’m going to get many crisp fall days, I’m placing a lot more emphasis on my clothing, jewelry and makeup to get me in the swing of the season. I wanted to carry that over to what I’m creating this time of year, and this was one of the first things to come out of the fall inspiration.

These glass beads are neat for a few reasons. First, they’re an interesting shape. Most beads I work with are symmetrical and these are more of a teardrop shape. Second, they’ve got some really neat two-tone coloring. One side of the bead is a subtly metallic bronze color while the other side is a smoky crystal color with a subtle mirrored gold finish over parts of this section. The effect is a little bit of shine and sparkle without TOO much, and the colors remind me of tortoise shell.

Memory wire bracelets are great because they’re just so easy. They don’t need to be clasped or adjusted, just put on and go. I’ve really fallen in love with this format because of the ease of wearing them, but also because of the multi-row effect memory wire creates. This bracelet is great to wear alone but is also simple enough to wear with other bracelets for an autumn arm party!

If you’re in the mood for fall, too, you can check out this bracelet here.